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 OTL cards

  Settlement certificate for teachers


The following categories of persons are exempt from paying travel taxes:

children up to 6 years old

war veterans, heroes and descendants of those wounded or killed in the December 1989 revolution - on the basis of special ID

all categories of pensioners with permanent residence in Oradea

Note: Passengers found without valid tickets or unsuitable for the means of transport, as well as those who use public transport inappropriately to the traffic rules, will be sanctioned according to 706 / 31.08.2009 of the Local Council of Oradea Municipality.

Paper tickets (purchased from ticket kiosks or ticket vending machines and season tickets) will be validated in the devices specially set up for this purpose, immediately after boarding the means of transport.

The paper ticket entitles the holder to a single journey, without interruption, only in the vehicle in which it was validated.

Passes and travel cards that can be purchased from vending tickets and season tickets will be used only for the conditions for which they were issued.

Validated travel tickets, season tickets or nominal travel cards may not be passed on to others.



Tariff reductions for transport by OTL S.A .:

benefit from the tariff reduction by 50% of the pupils and students of the accredited educational institutions;
the discount applies only to subscriptions - they are obtained on the basis of the student card or the transport discount card (targeted for the current year).

according to Decision no. 1364 / 04.10.2006 of law no. 282/2005, blood donors benefit from a subscription with a 50% discount on the public transport subscription, for a period of one month.

The period in which I can pick up this subscription is a maximum of 30 days from the date of donation.

If the subscriber already has a monthly subscription at full rate on the date of donation, he will use it until expiration, after which he will be able to purchase the reduced subscription to which he is entitled.

Donors will present themselves at the points of sale with the following documents:

the blood donation certificate (original and copy) which must include the doctor's initials, his signature and the stamp of the health unit where the donation took place.

identity card (in original).


Detailed information on the prices of travel tickets, how to sell them through ticket and ticket sales kiosks belonging to OTL S.A. you will obtain by studying the Regulation on the sale of season tickets through ticket and kiosk sales kiosks belonging to OTL S.A.

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