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SMS Payment Information

1. Validation and consultation of the payment by SMS

In order to have a valid travel document, you must receive an SMS on your phone confirming your purchase, following the order placed at 7429. Also, in case of a check, it is your responsibility as the phone from which the order has been placed on you and in working order.

2. Order by SMS the travel ticket or the 1-day card

Activation of the travel ticket or one-day card at OTL SA via SMS is done from the mobile phone connected to one of the ORANGE, VODAFONE networks and starting with 01.05.2015 from the Digi.Mobil and Telekom networks as follows:

a) before boarding the means of public transport, an SMS shall be sent to the number 7429 containing:
- the number of the line you are going to travel with (in the case of a one-way ticket)

- letter L (in the case of a 1-day card)
b) in 15 seconds you will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the travel document which will contain a control code. You will communicate this control code, at the request of the controller, as proof of payment.

3. The price paid for SMS will be:

- 0.8 euros (VAT included), in case of purchasing a one-way ticket. The travel ticket is valid from the time the SMS is sent until the end of the trip, but not more than 60 minutes.

-3.5 euros (VAT included), in case of purchasing the 1-day card. The 1-day card grants the right to an unlimited number of trips on any urban transport line of OTL SA during its validity period ... The 1-day card is valid for 24 hours from the receipt of the confirmation message.
The fare of the travel document will be found in the service invoice of the mobile operator as a tariff of the SMS that you sent to activate the travel title.

4. Verification of the travel card purchased by SMS

In case of verification, you must present to the controller the SMS received from the number 7429.

By presenting the controller with a code obtained on a different day than the current one, it will be alerted to the code presented by you as EXPIRED, and in the case of a false code as INVALID.

5. Paying for travel on a mobile phone for several people

It is possible to pay for the trip for several people on the same phone.
For this, an order SMS will have to be sent for each passenger. Each of the received reply SMS will contain a unique code. In this situation, the people need to stay together for the duration of the trip. If one of the persons interrupts his journey, then the other persons must ensure that they have the mobile phone from which the payment was made by SMS in order to be able to present to the controller the codes assigned to each travel document.

6. Proof of payment by SMS

The only proof of payment is the reply SMS which contains the unique verification code. If, for various reasons, you do not receive this SMS then it is not considered that you have a valid travel document. Also, sending an SMS after the check will not be accepted as a purchase of a valid travel document.

The reasons why you did not receive the reply SMS may be the following, but it may not be limited to these:
-you do not have enough credit in the case of a prepaid card

-you have no memory to receive new messages
-you entered the wrong command code

-messages do not reach the central server for various reasons (congestion, crashes, etc.)
-you have no signal on the phone for various reasons

Frequently asked questions:

1. Does SMS payment work in all telephone networks?

SMS payment currently works in the networks of mobile operators Orange, Vodafone and since 01.05.2015 in the DIGI.MOBIL and Telekom networks.

2. Can an SMS travel document be redirected?

No, a travel document purchased via SMS is only valid for the owner of the phone from which the order was placed.

3. What should I do if the validity period of the travel document purchased by SMS has expired?

You must send a new order SMS and you will be charged for a new trip

4. Can I pay by SMS from an international number?

No, this is not possible

5. What happens if I don't have enough credit for a prepaid card?

In this case, you will not be able to pay for the trip via SMS and you will receive a warning message

6. My employer pays for my cell phone. Can I pay for travel via SMS?

It depends on your employer. If he allows you to use your phone for this purpose, you will be able to pay for SMS travel.

7. After I ordered the payment via SMS I receive an error message. Will I be charged in any way?

No, passengers are not charged for received error messages.

8. Why did OTL SA launch the payment of travel by SMS?

In order to offer you a wide range of payment methods and for your convenience, OTL SA has introduced, in addition to the possibility of purchasing from vending machines mounted in some stations of public transport, this method.