We inform you that, in accordance with Law no. 198/2023, benefit from a reduced rate of 90%, on the means of local public transport, students enrolled in the form of education with frequency, in accredited higher education institutions within the Oradea municipality, aged up to 30 years, throughout the calendar year. Final year students benefit from a subsidized subscription, with the upload date before July 31.
The price of a student subscription with a 90% discount, valid in the Municipality of Oradea, is 8 lei/month and can be charged:
1. through the "OTL Oradea" Application available for Android / iOS and desktop.
2. at OTL Sales Points.
If you do not have a travel card, for its issuance, please come to the data collection points, where you will present:
- the identity document
- the student certificate or card for the current university year
Students from the towns belonging to the Oradea Metropolitan Area (Bors, Sanmartin, Hidiselul de Sus, Paleu, Cetariu) benefit from subscriptions with a 90% reduced rate, on the travel route from the town of residence to the Municipality of Oradea and on local public transport from the Municipality of Oradea . To benefit from this free of charge, we ask students to present themselves at the OTL SA Sales Points with their travel card and identity document.
Pleasant trip !