Due to the works that will be carried out on the carriageway on Transilvaniei str., intersection with Posada str., on Saturday and Sunday (March 4 and 5, 2023), tram traffic will be temporarily suspended on the section Cap line Pod CFR – Calea Aradului/ Aviatorilor str. trams will be replaced by T8 line buses, as follows:
Going: Pod CFR (bus station) disembarking – boarding – Dacia zig – Zag (bus station) – Rogerius Square (tram station) - Corneliu Coposu (Perla) (parking) - Parc Olosig (bus stop 19 and T7) – B-dul Dacia (tram station) – Piața Decebal (tram station) – Pod Decebal (tram station) – Emanuel Church (after the traffic lights, before the roundabout) – Abatorului (before the pedestrian crossing) – Calea Aradului (in Pirati bus station)
Back: Calea Aradului (in the bus station from Pirati) – Abatorului – Andrei Șaguna (bus station for line 36) – Pod Decebal (tram station) – Piața Decebal (tram station) – B-dul Dacia (bus station tram) – Parc Olosig (on the tram line) – Corneliu Coposu (Perla) – Piața Rogerius (tram station) – Dacia zig – Zag (bus station) – Pod CFR (bus station) disembarking – boarding.
During this period, trams of line 2 will run on the section Head of the Nufărul line - Head of the Ioșia line, and on the section Head of the Pod CFR line - Head of the Sinteza line, the transport will be carried out by the 1NS tram.
The trams will resume their normal schedule on Monday, 06.03.2023 at 04:30.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.